Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to make money with forex without investment

What is the secret of how to make money? Believe it or not it is no rocket science. What is require is the change of mindset. Want to make money online, you just to create the deep believe that you are able to do so and if you keep an open mind I would show you a way to make money with forex without investment. Along the way I would answer whether is forex a scam and show you a simple plan for you trade forex without investment.

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Is Forex a Scam?

First to put your mind at ease, shall we explored to the question is forex a scam? Many people do not understand forex and most only understand it is risky as many people lose money on the forex market. However the forex market works just like the stock exchange but instead of stocks of companies, currency of countries are traded. 

While forex is is not a scam, however there are people would create products and associate themselves with forex to scam others, that is why people think that forex is a scam. The key, if you are interested to know how to make money with forex, is to go to the source and find the reputed broker so you get to keep your hard earn money.    

How to make money with forex without investment

I am going to show you a way where you can get unlimited bonus and how you can make use of this method to make money with forex without investment. Go join MT5 forum.

If on the first month you manage to get $100 for you bonus, Using the risk management you should use 0.02 lot size and should target 20 pips a day. 

Lets calculate with 0.01lot size each pip is worth 10 cents. Does not sound like much right?

Earning a day  - 0.01 X $0.10 X 2 X 20 pips = $4
Earning a  month - 24 (24 trading days a month) X $4 = $96

The following month you could repeat it and if you if you have not blown your bonus, you would have $200 with of bonus and double your earnings while doing the same thing. After a while you would be able to decide how much you want to earn each month. So join me at MT5 forum.

How to make money does not have to be difficult, you just need to follow this simple step I have shown you and you would know how to make money with forex without investment. 


  1. Great piece of advice!!! Thanks.
    Want to try it for real?

    1. Rodri, I am using instaforex and this method to earn money without having to for out any money.